Shaker furniture custom made
Custom Shaker furniture

This is a very small dining room, but it doesn’t feel cramped because its furniture was designed just for it. The trick was using linear shapes to create an open feel, but without skimping on surfaces or storage.

It also helps that the furniture is Shaker. On one hand, it’s modern - clean and simple. But it’s traditional, too. It lives in two worlds, so Shaker design easily works with other styles, in this case Windsor chairs.
That’s the idea behind Shaker to Fit - Shaker design handcrafted to fit your space and style. We offer a variety of Shaker pieces, small and large, whose size and proportions can be adjusted to harmonize with their surroundings. We can also reproduce other Shaker designs you may admire.
Please explore the site. If you see something you like, you can reach us by phone or email.

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